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X-trategy offers comprehensive PR and Marketing solutions grouped into four key areas:


Business Concept

1. Business Concept Development:

A successful business goes much further than just a good idea, or a good product or service; it requires the creation of a powerful and effective Business Concept, perfectly structured, with the ability to develop based on all the processes, strategies, and objectives of the company, thereby assuring sustainable growth and the completion of goals.


Identifying the backbone of the company/project is the key step toward having a successful business. The backbone is the most valuable element in the business that will allow us to create its own unique identity, which will make it possible to stand out from your competition.


Our expert consultants are in charge of developing your powerful and innovative business concept, which will allow you to stay focused on achieving your business objectives through a creative and strategic process.



  • Definition of Business DNA 

  • Purpose & Key Values

  • Market and Competition Analysis

  • Development and Audit of Business Plans

  • Development and Audit of Whitepaper (Crypto)

  • DAOs

  • Marketing and Communication Plans

  • Commercial Strategies for Products and Services

  • Patents & Trademarks



2. Branding:

The image of a company is its most powerful tool to be identified, differentiate itself from the competition and be able to position itself successfully in the market.


The branding of a company communicates to the public in general, more specifically, to its consumers, a series of important messages and ideas, motivate the purchase, and maintain the brand within the target.


At X-trategy, our brand-building experts guide you through creating a unique, innovative, and attractive image for your company, and guaranteeing successful positioning and the greatest possible impact.



  • Naming

  • Branding

  • Packaging

  • In-store

  • Website Design

  • IR Specialized Websites

  • Crypto Websites

  • NFT Design & Development

  • Social Networks Design

  • Printed and Digital Materials

  • Photo and  Video



3.  Investor Relations:

Driven by innovation, experience, and state-of-the-art technology, our Investor Relations services include Digital Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Media, Data & Analytics. X-trategy fuels transformation in the industries it serves, such as Advanced Manufacturing, Real Estate, Crypto, NFT, and Financial Services.

X-trategy IR's main objective is to attract, inform, and captivate potential investors, resulting in value and growth for our clients, successfully fulfilling our client's communication and commercial goals.

X-trategy strategies help our clients meet their capital investment goals, and our work generates meaningful results that move markets. Our commitment to providing measurable results ensures that we constantly improve our programs and services.

X-trategy offers you a wide range of IR services integrated with the most advanced technology to help you manage your investors' different activities and communications in a highly efficient, agile, and timely manner. This help maintains a very close and positive relationship with your group of investors, helping you gain a better reputation and more robust positioning.


Investor Relations Solutions:

  • Strategic Messaging and Positioning 


IR Tech-Platforms

  • Investor Relations Platforms


IR Specialized Websites

  • Investor Relations Specialized Websites

  • Crypto Company Websites


IR Events Solutions

  • Investors Events

  • Earnings Calls

  • Video Earnings Events

  • Virtual Investor Days


IR Comm Tools

  • ESG Communication Suite

  • Investor Desktop

  • Investor Data Center

  • IR Newsroom


Marketing &

4. Marketing & Communication:

Once your company is ready to operate and compete, it is time to ensure that all your commercial and institutional messages are being communicated effectively.

At X-trategy we are experts in developing online and offline communication campaigns of all kinds, so we can help you develop and implement the one that best suits your particular needs.

This allows you to reach your different audiences (Investors, Shareholders, Executives, Employees, Clients, Suppliers, etc.) through the best means and communicate your messages at the perfect time and place.

Our priority is getting your message out, assuring a faster engagement and notable results!



  • Copywriting

  • Online and Offline Communication Campaigns

  • Public Relations

  • Press Release Placement

  • Press Interviews

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Community Management

  • E-Mail Blast Campaigns

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

  • Special Events


A comprehensive diagnosis that allows us to develop a personalized strategic
plan for each client.

Every consulting program begins with a comprehensive diagnosis that allows us to perfectly identify and understand the current situation of our client's business or company.


Based on the results we are able to structure a personalized strategic plan that allows us to solve the challenges your business might encounter so you can successfully accomplish your goals.