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X-trategy offers comprehensive IR, PR and Communication solutions:


Business Identity

1. Business Identity:

A successful business goes much further than just a clever idea, or a good product or service; it requires the creation of a powerful and effective Business Concept, perfectly structured, with the ability to develop based on all the processes, strategies, and objectives of the company.


Identifying the backbone of the company/project is the key step toward having a successful business.



  • Definition of Business DNA 

  • Purpose & Key Values

  • Brand Alignment

  • Market and Competition Analysis

  • Marketing and Communication Plans



2.  Investor Relations:

X-trategy is dedicated to driving transformative change and delivering value to its clients across various industries. Our approach emphasizes the significance of building strong investor and shareholder relationships.


We provide a comprehensive suite of investor relations services using technology, innovative strategies, and deep industry expertise.


To achieve this, we harness technology, ensuring efficient and effective investor communication management.


Investor Relations Solutions:

  • Strategic Messaging and Positioning 



  • Shareholder and investor engagement management platforms


IR Specialized Websites

  • Powerful and interactive shareholder sites and management dashboards.


IR Events Solutions

  • Investors Events

  • Video Earnings Events

  • Virtual Investor Days

  • Town Hall and shareholder meetings

  • Social media and direct communications tools


IR Communication Tools

  • Investor desktop and document management

  • Direct stakeholder email and messaging management


IR Relations Newsroom



3. Corporate Communication:

Unifying the company’s communication strategy and positioning creates a unique and essential compelling value.

X-trategy’s team will create a customized company business and investment narrative, trusted by investors and proven to grow impact.

The core priority is getting the message out, assuring faster engagement and notable results.



Development and Implementation of external communications campaigns:

  • Strategic messaging and positioning

  • Conference calls and presentation scripting

  • Investor deck writing, layout, and design

  • Press and earnings release creation and distribution

  • Fact sheet writing, design, and regular updating


Impactful online digital presence:

  • Development and Implementation of online campaigns

  • Social media, including network builds, content development, monitoring, and reporting


Consulting and implementation of special events:

  • Stress-free earnings reports process

  • Shareholder meetings

  • Media Interviews

  • Investor presentations


Public relations:

  • Improve engagement with investors

  • Lead-generation campaigns

  • Engagement campaigns



4. Shareholders Services:

Built on the right insights on shareholder stock investment behavior by aggregating every interaction, translating data and market actions, X-trategy provides a powerful information dashboard.

The available output allows:


Shareholder Management and Retention

  • Track buyers and sellers

  • Interpret insights and interactions

  • Retain Shareholders

  • Identify supporters and detractors

  • Trading analytics


Powerful Investor Relations CRM Platform

  • Dynamically add contacts

  • Deal pipeline management

  • Board report builder

  • Advanced investor search


Enhanced Targeting Workflow

  • Communications and events analytics

  • AI prospecting and targeting

  • AUM (Assets Under Management) and purchasing power analysis

  • Sector and peer insights

  • Sentiment and volatility


Real Time
Proxy Management

5. Real-Time Proxy Management:

Improve corporate governance with global and local proxy distribution management. Our comprehensive and fully automated online proxy voting portal and document distribution efficiently navigate regulatory and compliance communication requirements.


X-trategy solutions cover a broad range of issuer and non-issuer companies and organizations:


For the Corporate Issuer:

  1. Enhance proxy results impact: Maximize shareholder response and interaction

  2. Simplify annual meetings: Streamline proxy communications efficiently

  3. Ensure proxy distribution success: Leverage data-driven insights for impactful shareholder communications.

  4. Effortless Transfer Agent services: Support your operations with ease.

  5. Engage shareholders: Strengthen your brand and boost participation.

  6. Unlock valuable insights: Make informed decisions for good governance.

  7. Cost-Effective solutions: Drive down printing and distribution expenses

  8. Stay compliant: Navigate regulations seamlessly


For Law Firms

 Embrace innovation for speed and efficiency:


  • Streamline proxy and annual meetings, ensuring compliance and effective shareholder engagement.

  • Simplify public company proxy and prospectus distribution management, with our end-to-end solution, from planning to long-term investor engagement.

  • Simplify capital markets and annual compliance disclosure.

  • Navigate compliance quickly and accurately with our streamlined, innovative approach.


Our services include:

  • Proxy material design and printing

  • Ballot Distribution/Vote collection

  • Online vote execution and management portal

  • Vote tabulation and collation

  • Auditing and 3rd party verification

  • Meeting management and translation

  • Shareholder follow-up and participation encouragement

  • Legal and compliance counseling


A comprehensive diagnosis that allows us to develop a personalized strategic
plan for each client.

Every consulting program begins with a comprehensive diagnosis that allows us to perfectly identify and understand the current situation of our client's business or company.


Based on the results we are able to structure a personalized strategic plan that allows us to solve the challenges your business might encounter so you can successfully accomplish your goals.

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