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We cover a broad range of industries, public and private sectors and organizations, from publicly listed companies to private organizations.

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Financial Services

1. Financial Services

  • We create powerful communications to build shareholder trust, attract capital, and ensure market stability.

  • Maintaining transparency and positive relationships with all stakeholders is key to growth and sustainability.

  • X-trategy public and investor relations services are streamlined for distinct types of financial organizations:

  • Publicly traded companies (NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTC)

  • Fintech, neo banks, and payment processors

  • Venture capital and private equity firms

  • Consumer and Commercial credit issuers

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Cleantech & Prop-Tech

2. Cleantech  Companies

We hold a deep understanding of the nuances and complexities of the technology, policies, and market expectations of clean energy technologies.


Cleantech companies develop and commercialize products and services, which improve environmental sustainability.


X-trategy advises a broad range of Cleantech industry verticals:


  • Renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass)

  • Energy efficiency (smart grids, building and transportation efficiency)

  • Sustainable transportation (electric vehicles, public transportation, bike-sharing)

  • Waste management and recycling


Real Estate

3. Real Estate

Real estate is a game of visibility and opportunity. Those companies that command the greatest awareness and best reputations command the highest valuations.


Whether it is multifamily, retail, student housing, hospitality, opportunity zone development, project finance, or single-family residential rentals, we get it, and we understand the media and what they look for in a great real estate investment story.


Our real estate PR team can help gain the market exposure and credibility the firm, project, fund, or REIT needs and deserves.


Enterprise Technology

4. Industry Specific Enterprise Technology

Whether you are a large publicly traded organization or a growth stage privately owned business, competition for investor awareness and visibility is constant and relentless.


At X-trategy, we harness our core expertise in corporate reputation and brand communications to help industry-specific technology companies gain a significant presence in the private and public investor markets.


We thrive at the crossroads of technology and the industries it transforms and revolutionizes, including:

  • Transportation

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • telecommunications

  • Agri-food Technology






5. Proptech  Companies

Property technology (Proptech) companies are transforming the real estate industry. Technology streamlines and improves the way people buy, sell, rent, manage, and invest in real estate.


We have customized our public and investor relations offerings for these Proptech categories:


  • Real estate search and listing platforms

  • Real estate transaction platforms

  • Property management platforms

  • Real estate investment platforms

  • Construction finance



6. Aerospace

The X-trategy team stands as the ideal partner in the dynamic aerospace industry.


Our aerospace practice is dedicated to delivering clients a comprehensive and strategic suite of services, encompassing corporate communications, investor-targeted media relations, adept crisis management, content marketing, and a strong So-Me presence.

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