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IR Comm Tools

Connect Investors With Your ESG Story

ESG Communication Suite.png

Communication Suite

ESG Communication Suite

Create a Platform for Your Social Impact & Sustainability Message

Communicate to Your Global Audience

While public companies have been challenged to communicate their ESG initiatives effectively, investors have been taxed by distilling vast amounts of data into their investment criteria. By creating structured and standardized methods for communicating environmental, social and governance initiatives, IROs can ensure investors easily understand their impact. In contrast, investors can more effectively curate, consume and compare that data.

X-trategy ESG Communication Suite

In our experience working with leading clients, X-trategy has established a set of ESG best practices for investor relations and corporate websites that can be rapidly integrated into your strategy. At the same time, our premium support can deliver compelling and impactful ESG investor events. In addition, as mandates increasingly require disclosure of key climate and sustainability criteria, X-trategy is here to help you provide a better ESG communication strategy.

Simplify How You Communicate

With 74% of finance leaders saying that nonfinancial information is increasingly used in investment decision-making, public companies and investors are embracing the urgency of ESG reporting — requiring the right combination of proactive and on-demand engagement.

Provide the Right Insights

Ensure your story is understood by investors with a dedicated ESG website, providing the vital information formatted to deliver your message best.

Focus on Your Story & Impact

Bring together the most suitable investors and analysts for a dedicated session on your ESG initiatives while scaling that impact with a virtual ESG investor event that meets a growing global audience.

Enhance Your Strategic Approach

X-trategy provides a suite of growing ESG communication solutions to ensure you have the right technology to tailor to your goals.

Investor Desktop.png

Investor Desktop

Investor Desktop

Streamline your Targeting, Analytics, and Engagement to Drive Greater Impact.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Investor Relations Program

When the capital markets are disrupted, IRO's, like you, don't have the time to manage inefficiency. You require a single solution that simplifies your workflow and integrates all of your analytics, monitoring tools, and relationship management functionality in one easy-to-use platform.


Built to mirror your workflow, X-trategy Investor Desktop makes it easy to build a successful investor relations program, indicate its impact, and measure the success of your efforts to outreach investors.


Your Competitive Advantage to Win Capital

Simplify your workflow and transform your investor relations strategy by streamlining your entire program into one innovative platform. Compile all the data generated by your activities to weave together an insights-driven workflow that can improve targeting and help you to measure impact.

Understand Shareholder Activity

In an evolving investment environment, we make sure you are more familiar with your investors than they are with you. Analyze the impact of your strategy with immediate insights into the stock price and shareholder composition to build a proper understanding of the investor's role in your story.


Report on Impact

X-trategy Investor Desktop is designed to accumulate all the data generated by your IR program into a single platform. This enables you to easily report on stock performance, shareholder composition, and investor engagements.


Target with Precision

Identify the most fitting investor the first time. With AI targeting, you can uncover the ideal investor with accurate predictions built on the probability of both buying and selling your security and their overall quality. In addition, understanding the underlying impulses that impact buy-side decisions can be crucial.


Identify Activists Earlier

Get ahead of potential activist accumulations in your shareholder base with alerts to unusual trading patterns observed in your equity or options. View integrated data from across your investor relations channels, including your website and virtual events, to understand who has access to your content so you can draw away from a potentially hostile situation and formulate a well-informed defense playbook.

X-trategy Investor Desktop Features

Innovative Investor Relations CRM

  • 320,000 global contacts

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use CRM

  • Deal pipeline management

  • Board report builder


Enhanced Targeting Workflow

  • Website and events analytics

  • Advanced investor search

  • Contact-level targeting

  • AI targeting

  • AUM and purchasing power

  • Sector and peer insights


Investor Relations Market Intelligence

  • Ownership

  • Sentiment and volatility

  • Trading analytics

  • Relative performance

  • Estimates & research

  • Activism

Investor Data Center.png

Investor Data

Investor Data Center

Real-Time Monitoring of your Investment World.

Be Informed in Real-Time

Waiting for quarter-end public shareholder reports can leave you feeling at a disadvantage; to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy, you need to observe shareholder movements in real-time.


Our team of experts delivers key insights and analytics required for you to understand the markets and movements within your shareholder base to help make business decisions.


With X-trategy Investor Data Center, we empower you to get ahead of your competition by pairing you with the industry's most experienced team of surveillance analysts, equipped with DTC settlement data to predict shareholder composition before public filings.

Always be in the Know

Build an impactful, insights-driven investor relations program by revealing changes and patterns in your shareholder base that were previously inaccessible.

Gain Visibility into Your Shareholder Base

Gain a deeper understanding of public shareholder composition data, with experienced analysis into trends in investor behavior. Understand who is under-positioned in your security, changing their strategy in your sector, or who needs extra attention to understand your compelling value proposition better.

Predict Investor Behavior

Having visibility into how the market perceives your company, leadership and sector can enable you to determine investors' future reactions. By understanding what news has driven past fluctuations in your stock price and correlating that to the rest of the market, you can anticipate where the street will take your valuation and prepare before the first trade.

Attract the Right Investor

You need to prioritize management's time with the right institutional investor. Your strategy deserves the expert support to identify the right contact so you can build the aptest engagement approach. Lean on surveillance analysts to proactively analyze how investors have responded to your previous communications and adapt from there.

Respond to Activism Faster

The faster you can identify a pattern, the sooner you can work with your management to build a response. For example, with Investor Data Center analysts looking at intra-quarter DTC settlements, you can be prepared for the wrong investor position in real-time rather than at the end of the quarter.

X-trategy Investor Data Center benefits

Backed by a team of the industry's most experienced analysts, gain real-time insights into what is driving your stock price.


Data that Matters

Monitor equity and options trading and DTC settlement data for a real-time understanding of your shareholder composition.


Activist Monitoring

Identify activist behavior sooner with continuous monitoring, ownership analysis, and analyst-triggered activist alerts.

Advanced Insights

Get answers to management questions on trading, stock price fluctuations, relative performance, and valuation.


World-Class Support

Partner with a dedicated analyst, securely extending your strategic impact with in-depth insights and analysis tailored to your investor relations approach.

IR Newsroom .png

IR Newsroom

IR Newsroom

Share your Strategy with the World.


Unify the Experience Across Your Digital Channels

Your investment story comes to life through corporate releases, multimedia and events, and social media. As you broadcast your strategy, a better digital experience can ensure that a global audience of media, investors, and stakeholders will engage with your complete narrative.


In addition, this experience increases the volume and quality of your coverage. With X-trategy IR Newsroom, a team of web designers is at your disposal to rapidly build a dedicated, branded presence for your story, connecting you and your message with the media that can amplify your strategy.

Improve the Quality of Your Coverage

With over a decade of experience in creating compelling and engaging digital presences for our clients, we know how to share your latest updates to a global audience effectively. As a result, we can build a powerful brand experience for your corporate news in as little as one week.


Connect with Your Audience

As your audience becomes ever more global, ascend your communications by making it easier for journalists to understand your story and ensure they never miss an announcement. Build an online destination for all corporate news, press kits, and other assets to ensure the media can always connect with your vision.

Position Your Complete Narrative

Storytelling has become more visual, especially with social media platforms, engaging through multimedia content and providing high-quality imagery for each part of your story. With X-trategy IR Newsroom, you can provide every asset needed for greater context to your strategy, increasing the likelihood of media coverage.

Build a Solid Digital Brand

You have the opportunity to use your newsroom to amplify your vision. Extend your corporate branding throughout your newsroom to captivate journalists, investors, and other visitors with an engaging, simplified experience.

Simplify Management of Your Story

As your narrative evolves, it is critical to ensure your digital presence is consistently up-to-date with your story. Consolidate and simplify how you bring your message to life by managing your newsroom and investor relations website through one partner.

X-trategy IR Newsroom Benefits

In as little as one week, implement a world-class newsroom worthy of your brand.


Award-Winning Design

Create an engaging experience with a mobile responsive newsroom for your audience, fully integrated into leading global newswires.


Branding Unified

Apply your branded corporate identity to your newsroom site, and tell your complete story in your unique way.


Enterprise Security

Safeguard your newsroom with market-leading security and SOC-2 compliant data management, delivering 99.9% uptime.


World-Class Support

Simplify website update and management with 24/7 customer service, dedicated to being by your side and advising on any changes - big and small.

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