X-trategy is an unconventional firm with a unique approach and diverse consulting team. More than theoretical experts, we are a group of professionals, successful entrepreneurs, public market veterans, technology geeks, and amazing communicators, up to date on the latest trends. We work as a high-efficiency multifunctional team focused on solving the challenges our customers face in order to innovate, compete, grow, and transcend within the USA and Global markets.

Our solid knowledge in diverse practices such as Business Strategy, Media Optimization, Branding, Marketing, Communications, Media, and Strategic Management enables fuel Growth, alongside our management expertise in entrepreneurship and international leading companies, which are essential elements that allow us to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction and success.

Our way of work is based on a deep immersion and understanding of our customer's business, focusing on the identification of gaps between their current communications stage and the capabilities needed in order to succeed. This allows us to identify their true challenges and develop intelligent, powerful, and innovative business strategies -- practical solutions to solve problems, modify competitive scenarios, improve awareness, and take our clients to a higher level, with measurable results.


We are a multicultural and interdisciplinary team with more than 35 years of proven experience helping companies succeed in the USA and Global markets.


The members of our consulting team have gained meaningful experience in managing successful companies in many different markets, ensuring practical, time-saving, results-oriented solutions for our clients.

X-trategy Team

Carlos Rincón Gallardo
Founder & CEO
Henryk Dabrowski
Vice President
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Carlos Rincón Gallardo has over 28 years of experience in the field of advertising and design. Among his most notable skills are his ability to interpret, analyze, and understand the specific needs of the market, the consumer, and products.


His vast creative, design and marketing experience has made him an expert in the development and successful management of global brands and has been integral in allowing these clients to become leaders in their specific industry. 

He has worked with prominent companies including American Express, Bancomer, Banamex, GE Capital, Coca-Cola, KFC, Nestlé, Nike, Pepsi PBG, Pizza Hut, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Abbott, Disney, DuPont, Apple, Henkel, and Unilever, among many others.

In addition, Carlos has been a founding partner of several companies in Mexico and the US, in areas of business such as pharmaceutical, real estate, fashion, chemicals, entertainment and consulting, acquiring a wide experience in the creation and new business development.

Experienced international executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in information technology, data networking, and the telecommunications industry.

Co-founder in 1986 of RKM IT Solutions, one of the top five systems integration and outsourcing companies in Venezuela.

Responsible for revenue growth from $3 MM Dollars in 2004 to $30 MM Dollars by 2006, and expanded local and regional operations in partnership with Chinese technology companies (POTEVIO, UFIDA, and TCPS).  

CEO at NewMarket Latinamerica, overseeing the consolidation of all NewMarket acquisitions through 2006 with sales of over $75 Million Dollars and more than 1500 employees.

Served from 2000 to 2002 as COO/President of Vox2Vox Communications in Miami, a multi-million dollar IP telecommunications and value-added services company, with a presence in eight countries throughout Europe and Latin America, and part of the Cisneros Holdings companies.

Director of Latin Asian Technology Traders, Inc. since 2006.  The company represents more than 20 Chinese industrial conglomerates in Latin America. He has negotiated all of the contracts with the Chinese partner companies.

President of TekVoice Communications Inc., a Miami FL–based, Voice over IP telecommunications company, and successfully reverse merged the company into Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC:ALYI) in December 2007.

Chairman and CEO of Alternet Systems, Inc. where he is directing the transformation of the company from a content management company to an e-ticketing and mobile transactions space.  

Chairman and CEO of Utiba Americas, Inc. the joint venture formed with Utiba Mobility to serve the mobile financial and mobile commerce opportunities in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Carla Mejía Jacques
VP & Associate Strategist
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Gladys Mezrahi
VP & Associate Strategist

Carla has more than 20 years of experience working with leading companies (Fortune 100), at Microsoft and Dupont among others, in the areas of Finance, New Business Development, Business Administration, Marketing, Purchasing and Sales.

Her areas of expertise include the analysis of financial statements, development of dashboards with key KPI indicators, consolidation of budgets, preparation of business plans, development and implementation of processes compatible with Sarbanes Oxley (SOx).

Graduated in Chemical Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a Masters in Finance from the University of Girona in Barcelona, ​​Spain. She is Green Belt certified in Six Sigma.

Gladys Mezrahi was educated at The English School in Bogotá, Colombia and the prestigious University of Miami, in Miami, Florida, where she studied International Finance and Marketing.

Mezrahi is a savvy professional whose experience in the challenging field of marketing commenced twenty years ago when she founded a top-line skin and body products manufacturing company in Bogotá, Colombia called Advanced Cosmetics. As President of Advanced Cosmetics, Mezrahi operated a profitable business for fifteen years, and sold it to an international skin care corporation that was interested in acquiring Mezrahi’s established success.

Mezrahi later worked as a Private Investment Manager for Pioneer International, an international investment company. Mezrahi was responsible for managing private investment portfolios in Panama and Colombia as well as being in charge of managing public relations for the company. In doing so, Mezrahi created and coordinated seminars and corporate events for members of the financial industry, thereby developing an unparalleled talent for the successful "Marketing through Events".


Mezrahi specialized in developing and executing public relations and corporate events for clients, as well as obtaining sponsorship and financing for the non-profit sector. 

With more than 35 years of experience, our team includes expert strategists, designers, creatives, consultants and operators who deliver exceptional results to our customers.