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IR Tech-Platform

The X-trategy Investor Relations Platform (XIRP) helps investor relations teams connect their unique investment opportunity with the right investor.


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IR Tech-Platform

X-trategy Investor Relations Platform

The X-trategy Investor Relations Platform (XIRP) helps investor relations teams connect their unique investment opportunity with the right investor.


This platform streamlines and integrates the IR workflow from website to earnings, targeting, market intelligence, and reporting. In addition, it uniquely aggregates data on how the capital markets interact with your IR program. According to the results, our team of IR professionals builds a proactive strategy tailored to your goals and business objectives.

Customized to Your Needs:

X-trategy IRP offers three tiers that pair you with the right technology and customer experience to build a strategy unique to your goals:

  • Communicate

  • Engage

  • Elevate




Unify your communication strategy and position your unique, compelling value with a branded website and IR Campaign.

With XIRP Communicate, a team of experienced designers builds an elevated digital destination for your narrative, trusted by investors and proven to grow impact by working with your dedicated team to deliver flawless quarterly events and a streamlined earnings period.

What you get:

Public Relations

  • Improve engagement with investors

  • Lead-generation campaigns

  • Engagement campaigns

Development and Implementation of External Communications Campaigns

  • Strategic messaging and positioning

  • Conference calls and presentation scripting

  • Investor deck writing, layout, and design

  • Press and earnings release creation and distribution

  • Fact sheet writing, design, and regular updating

Impactful Online Digital Presence

  • Development and Implementation of Online Campaigns

  • Social media, including network builds, content development, monitoring, and reporting

Consulting and Implementation of Special Events

  • Stress-free earnings reports process

  • Shareholder Meetings

  • Media Interviews

  • Investor presentations




Streamline and enhance your daily investor relations program as you attract and retain shareholders.


With XIRP Engage you can centralize your investor's interactions in the most innovative relations CRM on the market to improve how you identify, engage, and track your meetings with investors.


Augment your process with dedicated experts to help run your daily program including investor targeting and profiling.

What you get

  • Impactful online digital presence

  • Stress-free earnings reports process

  • Streamlined workflow and processes

  • Enhanced tracking of engagements

  • Improved reporting




The investor relations workflow has changed in the last years, for that reason, now it is more important than ever to increase your shareholder communication with a forward-looking strategy built on the right insights on investor behavior.


XIRP Elevate provides an end-to-end platform that collects insights on every interaction with the capital markets. Only X-trategy provides a dedicated team of intelligence analysts and former IROs to expand our technology, translating data and insights into the right strategic decision.

What you get

  • Streamlined workflow and engagement processes

  • Strategic guidance and best practices

  • Enhanced reporting tailored to goals

  • Credible, fact-based market analysis

  • Proactive, forward-looking strategy development

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