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IR Events Solutions

Reimagine the Capital Markets Event Experience

Capital Markets Event Platform.png

Capital Markets Event Platform

Capital Markets Event Platform

A Unified Virtual Events Solution Tailored for the Capital Markets

Delivering seamless and engaging virtual experiences is no longer an option. Corporate Access teams are increasingly navigating the complexities of virtual event management and its challenge in providing impactful virtual connections.

X-trategy empowers leading Corporate Access teams to build, manage and analyze their virtual capital markets events from vision to execution by pairing innovative purpose-built technology with premium event management.

X-trategy Capital Markets Event Platform

By unifying the event experience, X-trategy enables Corporate Access teams to build a complete event strategy seamlessly. Our platform offers a modern video-driven event experience, native meeting management, reliable premium support, and highly secure meetings.


Deliver Event Experiences Your Attendees Will Love

Host a modern and integrated attendee environment from registration to live events. Organize sessions, keynotes and panels across multiple tracks and days.

  • Branded modern registration and event lobby experience

  • High-quality live webcasts and on-demand presentations

  • Personalized attendee experience

  • Moderated Q&A


Enable Attendees to Foster Impactful and Secure Connections

Connect the right investors and corporate management with a streamlined meeting scheduling interface to confidently deliver your strategy. In addition, you and your attendees can use your enterprise communication platform of choice.

  • Easy-to-use meeting management tool

  • Personalized meeting availability and attendee preferences

  • Secure meetings on your enterprise communications platform

  • Email authenticated entry


Rest Easy with end-to-end Premium Support and Event Insights

Partner with an experienced event project manager and a team of dedicated event specialists with an extensive background in Capital Markets events.

  • Pre-event planning & speaker onboarding

  • Behind-the-scenes support for live and on-demand presentations

  • Email Authenticated Entry

  • Live chat support for attendees

  • Full conference meeting schedule report



One Partner, Multiple Solutions

Lean on X-trategy for a customized attendee experience for any event type and size.

X-trategy Capital Markets Virtual Events Features:

Unified and Configurable Event Experience

  • Customizable and branded attendee registration and lobby

  • Intuitive meeting management interface

  • 1-on-1 meetings on your enterprise-chosen solution (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, etc.)


Industry Leading Support

  • Dedicated end-to-end event management and production

  • Day-of meeting management

  • Attendee chat & email support

  • Direct line to X-trategy with immediate response

  • Q&A moderation

  • Events analytics and feedback


Market Leading Technology & Security

  • Integrated webcasting, audio & multimedia

  • Reliable conference calling

  • Email authenticated entry

  • Whitelisted event attendance

  • Custom event role profiles

  • SOC-2 Type 2 certified processes

Investors Events.png

Investors Events

Investors Events

Elevate the Investor Event Experience

Drive shareholder engagement with captivating event experiences

A Trusted Partner for Investor Relations

With the seismic and lasting shift to virtual, there is increased pressure to deliver higher quality engagements and a growing global audience. With a suitable virtual event, you can increase your chances of attracting and retaining the right investors.

Merging the technology-driven solutions created to increase investor relations and the capital markets, along with the events team dedicated to your success, you can confidently deliver events across your entire IR calendar with a trusted and strategic partner.

X-trategy Events

X-trategy events empower IR professionals with the most essential requirements for a public company: consistent, impactful, and effective investor communications. X-trategy is your trusted partner translating the same energy of in-person events to all your virtual investor engagements.


Control your IR Narrative

X-trategy partners are with you to deliver your strategy across the IR calendar, from earnings calls to investor days to corporate town halls. The right combination of innovative communication, reliable webcasting, and market-leading conference calling technologies can captivate your audience and convey your key messages confidently and successfully.


Focus on Delivering your Strategy

Leave it to us; we tackle the task of taking care of all event management and planning while you focus on informing and influencing investors. A dedicated team plans, execute, and measures the impact of your event with the meticulous attention you expect.


Scale and Deepen Relationships

We provide event analytics and attendee insights, combined with other IR solutions on the X-trategy platform. At the same time, you can strategically plan your future engagements and drive an innovative and proactive strategy to attain an outreach that fosters better investor relations.


Seamless Virtual Experiences

Make your story known with bespoke virtual events that compliment your corporate vision.

Stress-Free Earnings Calls.png

Earnings Calls

Earning Calls

A Unified and Trusted Earnings Experience

Earnings calls are crucial for communicating your unique value to investors. With the increased expectation for seamless and impactful virtual engagements, earnings calls must be smooth from planning to execution.

Reliable and purpose-built for investor relations can be used to describe the X-trategy earnings solution built to notify and influence through an event's team dedicated to IR engagements that can confidently deliver your business objectives using the X-trategy Virtual Events platform.



X-trategy Earnings Events

X-trategy partners with you to efficiently deliver your strategy and financial results to the investment community. Assisted by a highly efficient team, X-trategy works with you to plan and produce earnings calls tailored to your strategy that comply with the regulations.


Deliver Financial Results, Stress-Free

X-trategy offers a unified earnings experience by leveraging highly secure technology solutions and SOC-2 Type 2 certified processes; our team is dedicated to executing and obtaining flawless earnings.



Elevate Engagements with Best-in-Class Technology

Reimagine earnings by accessing next-generation technologies, including the X-trategy Virtual Events platform. With a large selection of video and audio capabilities, media streaming, and interactive features, you can reinforce your company's unique value with a modern event experience with these resources available to you.


Build Trust and Confidence Across the Investment Community

Confidently walk investors through your strategy with a branded experience. Rest easy knowing that you comply with regulatory requirements and completely understand investors with comprehensive analytics.



X-trategy Earnings Feature List

Industry Leading Support

  • Dedicated event manager

  • 24/7 support

  • Pre-event planning and coordination

  • Live event moderation

  • Conference calling operator

  • Event analytics and insights


High-Quality Digital Experience

  • Fully branded events

  • Reliable market-leading conference calling

  • High-quality audio & video streaming

  • Multimedia slides

  • Interactive polling

  • Downloadable resources

  • Pre-recorded sessions

  • Post-event transcripts


Secure Events

  • Password protected authorization

  • Email domain filtering

  • Custom attendee approvals

  • SOC-2 Type 2 certified processes

Video Earnings Events.png

Video Earnings


Video Earning Calls

Reimagine the Earnings Experience

Seamlessly involve investors with management to create an elevated, video-driven event.


Transform How You Broadcast Your Strategy

With an appealing audience of analysts, investors, and shareholders, the earnings call is a quarterly inflection point for your strategy. So management can disclose financials and build lasting credibility and excitement for your strategy.

Stand out from your peers by creating an innovative and seamless experience that brings financials and Q&A to life through streaming video and an events platform oriented to investor relations.


X-trategy Video Earnings Events

Built specifically for investor relations, the X-trategy Virtual Events Platform integrates a high-quality video streaming service and a team of presenters and analysts, with screen sharing, clear and reliable audio, Q&A, and collaboration in a genuinely modern and scalable platform.


Shape a Visual Communication Strategy

With a next-generation event platform, you can provide investors with value-relevant financial and ESG information, powered through a highly visual narrative.



Elevate Connections with Investors, Stress-Free

From pre-event coordination to production X-trategy delivers a unified, reliable, and simplified approach to a video earnings event. Management connects directly to the event platform through the simplicity of existing Zoom™ tools. In contrast, a team of dedicated event managers takes care of all technical and logistical needs.

E. Virtual Investor Days.png

Virtual Investor


Virtual Investor Days

Deliver a Flawless Virtual Experience

Broadcast Your Strategic Direction, Corporate Updates, and ESG Story.


Engage your Global Audience

Virtual is no longer optional as you take your strategic direction, ESG story, finances, and product innovation to investors. X-trategy Virtual Investor Days are designed to help IROs amplify the impact of their investment opportunity while telling compelling stories around relevant topics such as social impact and sustainability.

X-trategy Virtual Investor Days

Our team of experienced Event Managers pairs their deep knowledge of the capital markets with leading technologies to deliver a virtual investor or capital market day tailored to your key messages, from regular updates to financial update ESG disclosure.


Deliver a Memorable Experience

Create an integrated story that resonates across all audiences and inspires confidence in your long-term strategy. One that includes multimedia, visuals, and polling with your senior management team to captivate your audience.


Connect Investors with your Strategy

Shape investor and analyst take on company news, like M&A activity, divestitures, ESG, new products, and partnerships. As you establish the theme of your engagements with investors, build a custom event to highlight relevant information and boost key corporate strategies specifically.

Scale your Impact

With investors and analysts re-evaluating how and when to travel, it has become ever more essential to provide them with the most suitable options to connect with them wherever they might be to ensure your message reaches your target audience globally.

X-trategy Virtual Investor and Analyst Days Features


Industry Leading Support

  • Dedicated event manager

  • Events analytics and feedback

  • Speaker training

  • Fully guided setup, testing, and execution


Customized Experience

  • Multi-presenter video streaming

  • Reliable audio

  • Integrated slides and multimedia

  • Branded console

  • Configurable registration page

  • Downloadable resources


Secure Processes

  • SOC-2 Type 2 certified processes

  • Password protected authorization

  • Email domain filtering

  • Custom attendee approvals

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