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Creativity, Strategy &Technology for Success

PR, IR & Communication Solutions for High Performance Leading Companies

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Business Identity

Success requires much more than a good product or service; it is necessary to have a perfectly clear and defined business concept.


Investor Relations

Driven by innovation, our integrated suite of marketing and communications help innovative companies change the world.


Real Time Proxy Management

Proxy material design and printing Ballot Distribution / Vote Collection

Vote Tabulation/ Collation

Electronic Vote Execution

Meeting management and translation.


Shareholder Services

Built on the right insights on shareholder stock investment behavior by aggregating every interaction, translating data and market actions.



Developing powerful communication campaigns is our area of expertise. We exult in our ability to attract, inform, and captivate potential investors.

Let us get the facts straight; Our priorities are getting your message out and assuring faster engagement and notable results.

Our solid knowledge of diverse practices such as Business Development, Finances, International Trade, Stock Markets, and our management dexterity are essential elements that allow us to guarantee your satisfaction and success.


We work with private and public companies to improve their overall corporate communications, strengthen shareholder and investor engagement, and enhance institutional brand positioning.

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Our team of experts has more than 30 years of experience in helping companies boost brands, investor access, shareholder communications, and customer engagement.


This experience allows us to offer you top-level quality and professionalism in all our services, staying focused on achieving the greatest benefits for your company or business.

At X-trategy, we are committed to delivering measurable results and driving growth for our clients.

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