WHY Program

At X-trategy we are aware of how complex, expensive, risky, and time-consuming trying to open a business in a foreign country can be. That is why we have developed our Foreign Trade Programs "WHY":

  • WHY Mexico


  • WHY Canada

Through these programs, our group of expert consultants will help you develop, and implement all the strategies and actions necessary to open your business or launch your products in Mexico, Canada, and the United States with minimum risk and maximum benefits.


Thanks to our WHY Mexico, WHY USA, and WHY Canada Programs, you will be able to count on the extensive experience and knowledge of our specialized consultants, which will translate into great benefits for you:


  • Comprehensive advisory services.

  • Perfect understanding of the market and the competition.

  • Extensive knowledge of legal, tax, commercial, and immigration regulations.

  • Risk reduction in every way.

  • Access to a wide network of strategic allies and suppliers to accelerate sales and growth.

  • Cost reduction in the different analysis, development, and implementation processes.

  • We know the culture, the internal market, and the effective ways of doing business in each country where we are present.

  • We are deeply involved with each of our clients, paying special attention to their needs and objectives.

  • We develop highly successful business strategies tailored to your business situation to accelerate your success.


We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment and thus be able to know in detail what your plans and needs are, in order to provide you with the best possible advice for the achievement of your business and commercial objectives.

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