Our services are grouped into four key areas that a business must master in order to grow and achieve exceptional results:


1. Business Concept
2. Image
3. Operation and Finance
4. Communication


Each consulting program begins with a comprehensive diagnosis which allows us to identify and perfectly understand the situation in which the business or company of each of our clients is, in order to structure a personalized strategic plan that allows us to solve the challenges they are facing and at the same time achieve their business objectives.


1. Business Concept:

To be successful requires much more than a good product or service, it is necessary to have a perfectly clear and defined business concept, as well as all those business elements that allow you to build and develop a business that really manages to stand out from your competition, grow, strengthen and endure successfully.

Our team of expert consultants can help you develop all of the above with the highest quality so that you can build a highly competitive and professional company or business.



  •     Definition of Purpose and Key Values

  •     Market and Competition Analysis

  •     Development and Audit of Business Plans

  •     Development of Marketing and Communication Plans

  •     Commercial Strategies for Products / Services



2. Image:

The image of a company and its products is of great importance since it is the main way by which it is made known to the general public to attract its future customers, in addition to being the most effective way to distinguish itself from its competition and occupy with it a place of privilege within the market.

In X-trategy we have expert consultants in brand building, who can help you create a unique and innovative image for your company, thus guaranteeing a successful positioning and the greatest possible impact.



  • Naming

  • Branding

  • Signaling

  • Website

  • Social networks

  • Printed Materials



3. Operation and Finance:

The most important areas of a business are its operation and the management of its finances since it is on a day-to-day basis where all the capabilities of the company and its personnel are really tested in order to achieve the established objectives and thus generate the programmed income.

In the event that you are about to start your company or if it is newly created, in X-trategy we can support you to define and establish the necessary operational and administrative processes for its correct operation.

Or if your company is already operating but not reaching the expected results and profits, it is most likely due to a weak or incorrect execution of operations.

At X-trategy we help you optimize current processes or build the operational and administrative capabilities you need to improve your margins, increase profitability and reduce execution time.

Similarly, X-trategy helps you calculate and optimize your Cash Conversion Cycle (how long it takes from when you invest a dollar in marketing, salaries, rents, etc. until that dollar returns to your hands

We also help you build work teams with high levels of excellence, strategically aligned with your business objectives, highly committed and efficient at the time of execution,



  • Definition of Ideal Personnel with Responsibilities and Clear Metrics

  • Synchronized, Focused, Committed, and Effective Work Teams

  • Shareholders and Reputation Management with Employees, Customers

  • Full Operations Audit

  • Identification and Construction of Required Capacities

  • Key Drivers of Growth and Productivity

  • Process Analysis to be started: Start / Stop / Continue

  • Meetings and Content Rhythm

  • Audit of the Cash Conversion Cycle

  • Competitive Advantages and Strengthening the Economic Engine

  • Sales Cycle Optimization

  • Improvement of the Manufacturing and Inventory Cycle

  • Reduction of the Delivery and Distribution Cycle

  • Billing and Collection Cycle Optimization




4. Communication:

Once your company has met all of the above requirements and is ready to operate and compete, it is time to ensure that all your messages, both commercial and operational, are communicated in a timely, correct, and effective manner.

In this way, your customers, employees, and suppliers will be perfectly aware of what your company offers or requires of them.

In X-trategy we are experts in the development of communication plans and campaigns of all kinds, which is why we can support you to develop and implement the one that best suits your particular needs.



  • Development and Implementation of Internal Communication Campaigns

  • Development and Implementation of Online and Offline Advertising Campaigns

  • Public relations

  • Consulting and Implementation of Special Events

With more than 35 years of experience, our team includes expert strategists, designers, creatives, consultants, and operators who deliver exceptional results to our customers.