Get the results of a full management team for the cost of a single full-time employee.


At X-trategy we are aware of how complicated and costly it can be for a small/medium-sized company to employ and manage highly skilled staff possessing expertise in all essential business areas on a full time basis. In fact it is impossible for the vast majority of entrepreneurs and small business.


At X-trategy you can hire the services of a team of experts in various business areas to help you develop and implement the strategies and plans your company requires in order to successfully achieve its business objectives:


  • Marketing Department Outsourcing

  • Operations Department Outsourcing

  • Strategic Management Services

  • Organizational Development Services

  • Product Research and Development Services

  • Services for Launching Trademarks and / or Products

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We use our unique 4 Pillars methodology to identify solutions to your different needs as quickly as possible, thus efficiently managing times and costs.


This is a highly efficient approach for the business owner (and senior team) as it means you can delegate roles that may have been outstanding or poorly served for months or even years and emerge with a clear map of your business objectives and strategies, developed by a team of high-level experts.


All this for a monthly cost similar to what it would cost to hire a single junior-level employee.


We invite you to contact us and know more about this innovative service.

With more than 175 years of combined group-wide experience, our team includes expert strategists, designers, creatives, consultants, and operators who deliver exceptional results to our customers.