IWS Program

Current Situation:

The health contingency that we are experiencing due to Covid 19, has put the entire world in a complicated situation never seen before.
Since we have been forced to take shelter in our homes and thereby stop practically the vast majority of economic and business activities, which is translating into one of the most serious economic crises that society has ever experienced.
As entrepreneurs, professionals, and entrepreneurs we cannot allow this situation to stop us and destroy our businesses and plans.


The Challenge:

To become aware of the situation, accept it, and adapt to it in order to find new ways to strengthen ourselves, innovate, grow, and get ahead.


IWS X-trategy Program:

The X-trategy IWS Program consists of a series of processes of analysis, audit, evaluation, and strategic planning that will allow the people who carry it out to identify the areas of opportunity that exist within their business, market, and industry.
So that they can implement actions that allow them to adapt to this new reality, strengthen themselves, and successfully achieve their new business objectives.


  • Implement timely measures that allow us to protect and preserve our businesses

  • Take advantage of this period of time to identify and resolve issues or aspects that have been delayed

  • Take advantage of this period of time to strengthen and perfect the company or business

  • Identify and develop new business areas that can function online

  • Prepare the strategies and resources necessary for a prompt and successful return to economic activity, while at the same time surpassing your competition

  • Maintain a healthy state of mind and a high level of motivation


  1. Carry out an analysis and audit of the company or business to identify the areas of opportunity. This through the Recognized Comprehensive Assisted Diagnostic System: DIA

  2. Based on the diagnosis of the DIA we can design a strategic consulting plan that allows us to solve and perfect the selected opportunity areas.

  3. Once the consulting process is finished, we can then design an implementation plan that allows us to execute the recommendations obtained


Special Services IWS Program:

  1. Branding: Update and Strengthen your Brand

  2. Marketing: Develop new marketing and online sales strategies

  3. Finance: Reduce costs and optimize resources

  4. Operation: Reinvent yourself and Increase your productivity


The services can be contracted independently or as a complete methodology.
For a detailed menu of services, request additional information.

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